Saturday, April 28, 2012

Holland's One-Year Photoshoot

We did Holland's one-year pictures about a week ago. We didn’t realize until the next day that Holland had the flu. I just thought that maybe she was teething…I was so wrong. She was such a good sport to still smile here and there for the camera (aka the amazing Kathryn Turley!)


And the pics that didn’t make the cut…but I just had to add.

See the yellow? That's a HUGE balloon! Ya, I bought with some very cute photo-ops in mind. It was so windy that none of the balloons really looked how they should, but the yellow balloon? It died a tragic death before we even used it. So much for my cute idea.

Thanks to Auntie Tina for the cute, cute sundress worn in most of the pictures!

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Sheri said...

LOVE all these pictures! I'm still mad for you about the yellow balloon. But her sun dress is adorable!