Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not Nine...!

Once Sheri and I were at Bed Bath and Beyond - I think we were returning/exchanging some of her wedding gifts. At the checkout we ran into a girl that was in a singles ward with us when I first moved to SLC. (For history sake: It was the Holladay 29th Ward with Bishop Paul Fetzer. We lived at Turnberry on 45th South and 13th East)

Anyway, this girl, who I believe is named Tricia (or Trisha?) was pregnant. Very pregnant. In fact, it was her due date! In our brief conversation either Sheri or I mentioned something about how she must be excited for these nine months to be over. Her reply was shockingly abrupt, "Pregnancy is actually 10 months, not nine!"

"Sheesh - give it a rest!"  is what I thought at the time. That is until I myself was pregnant. Ha! Pregnancy was not something I enjoyed. It was a very long, nauseous, tiring, uncomfortable and FAT nine...er...I mean 10 months!!

But then, when I saw the ‘fruits of my labors,’ it was all totally worth it. So, now that this precious little girl has graced us with her presence for 10 months already, I must admit that I would do the whole pregnancy thing over (even if it is really 10 months!) 10 million times over just for 10 seconds of what I've been blessed to experience these past 10 months. Pure Bliss!

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