Thursday, February 2, 2012

P is for Play Date

P is also for PANDEMONIUM .

Sheri and I realized we hadn't SEEN each other in over a month. For us, that is unheard of! Wait - don't be too alarmed, we still talk and/or chat online every day. Anyway, we needed some face time so we figured a play date was a good idea. We all realize that a play date with kids that are this age is really more for the moms anyway, right?

In a nutshell it was chaotic, exhausting and really quite hysterical. But, we didn't care. We got to see each other and catch up as well as we could with a room full of monkeys!

It was pretty much like this:
·         Aria lay quietly on the floor kicking her feet and spitting up every now and then.
·         Siena cried. We're not sure why. But she cried.
·         Holland, well, she wanted to attack - in a nice way - I think!

Since Siena needed her mom, Sheri held her. If Siena wasn't being held, she was in her car seat. That left Aria as the single target of Holland's amazingly fast pounce. Poor girl. Holland was curious and she wasn't going to let anyone stop her from reacquainting herself with one of her best friends (who, mind you, she hadn't seen in way too long.)

By the end of our "play date" Sheri and I just had to laugh. I think the key is that we need to do it more often!
We got a few pictures, but what we really should have documented was a play-by-play of the hour that felt like more in one way and a lot less in another.

Here's to many more play dates, a lot more chaos and three little girls that will be friends forever! (assuming Holland doesn't steamroll them before they learn to dish it out too...)

Siena ~ Aria ~ Holland

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