Sunday, January 1, 2012

We Started the Year with a Bang!

Literally. Holland apparently climbed out of her crib at the end of her afternoon nap today.  We rushed upstairs to the nursery at the sound of a pretty loud bang on the floor.  It was more of a thud, to be honest.
There she lay next to her crib crying.  It was pretty darn sad.  But, seriously, a bit hysterical at the same time.  After the initial shock of it all, we just keep laughing and asking, "How in the world did she do that?"

We promptly lowered the mattress.

Then, I put Holland in the crib just to make sure she wasn't too traumatized.  Uh, not traumatized in the least!  We have never seen her stand like this before. Shocker.

We immediately lowered the mattress to the lowest level!

Oh 2012...we're already loving you and looking forward to all that Holland is undoubtedly going to surprise us with this year.
So, this is how it happened. I started up here, and well, next thing I knew I was down there...

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