Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday

Today my Mom celebrated her 67th birthday. You would never guess it, but,  yep – she’ 67!

I wanted to help her celebrate, so I asked her and my Dad to come up and spend the day.

We met for brunch first, then we had planned to go bowling, but of course, it was “league” day and Holland was getting tired anyway. We went back to our place and put Holland down for a nap. Then, Mom and I went exchanged the shirt I gave her – for some reason I totally got the wrong size, and then picked up a movie and some groceries for dinner.

The movie was Mom’s choice, and it was seriously a great film. Courageous. Check it out – it’s really good and uplifting too. I know, uplifting movie? Rare! But this one really is.

Holland woke up half-way through the movie and hung out and crawled around while we finished watching. She was a good little self-entertainer….and only tried to nibble on SOME of the popcorn that had fallen on the carpet.

Dad and I made dinner and, well, really…Dad made it and I helped a little. Salmon, sweet potatoes, spinach and lemonade. It was really yum! We made brownies for dessert, but of course, we were all too full to eat them. Darn.

It was a fun day and I’m so glad that we got to celebrate together!

Hope you had a GREAT birthday, Mom!


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