Friday, December 30, 2011

Chain of Events

Today we feel very lucky because of a chain of events. Some of the chain happened before and some have happened since. This chain started several years ago and we know it will continue forever. And right smack in the middle of this chain is the reason we got to celebrate today. It's the wedding anniversary of our favorite Elder and Sister Pace (aka Dad and Mom when they don’t have on their missionary tags!)

And here is the chain:

All because...

·         She and a boy started a conversation in a library
·         And then He asked if She wanted to meet the LDS missionaries
·         And then She said yes!
·         And then She prayed and read the Book of Mormon
·         And then She chose to be baptized
·         And then She decided to move to Utah (‘cause that’s where the Mormon boys are!)
·         And then She went on a date with a boy
·         And then He asked Her to marry him
·         And then She said yes!
·         And  then She and He were sealed… forever (December 30, 1969)
·         And She and He decided to have just one more child…
o   And they named him Tyler
·         And then He met Her
·         And then He asked Her on a date (sort of)
·         And then She fell in love
·         And then He did too
·         And then He asked Her to marry him
·         And She said yes!
·         And then He and She were sealed…forever…Just like the couple we celebrate and are thankful for today!

 Happy Anniversary - We Love You

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