Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eight Months?

I feel like I need to check the calendar to make sure this is true. Can it be possible that we have had our Baby Bliss filling our lives with love, laughter and craziness for EIGHT whole months? How lucky are we?!

This dainty little lady now tips the scales at 16 pounds, is getting more hair and has the cutest little dimples in the entire world.

She spends her days with her tongue hanging out and making all kinds of sounds. Her favorite sound to make is "dada dada." We realize that she doesn't yet connect the sound with her actual Dada, but it's still music to Tyler's ears and he loves encouraging her to continue saying it over and over and over... I, on the other hand, try my hardest to teach her to say "mama mama" but that has yet to happen. The race is on. Who will win?

Holland loves her pointer finger and all that it can do; point, push, pick up...pick (nose), place in (mouths, others noses, vents, etc.) The discovery of the pointer finger has brought lots of good times for Holland!

Holland gravitates toward and loves music! She hangs out near the stereo and takes great pleasure in turning up and down the volume. She's pretty darn happy in her Johnny Jump Up, watching videos of herself on our cell phones, playing 'Holland-on-the-Cob' (one of us nibbling along her belly like a cob of corn), watching and listening to Baby Signing Time, and, of course, hanging out in the tub with her duckies.

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