Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rise and Shout (or Scream and Cry)

BYU vs. New Mexico State, Saturday, November 19, 2011.
Start Time: 8:15 p.m.
Mean Temp: 55 degrees
Final Score: 42-7.

It had been YEARS since either of us had been to a BYU Football game, so when our friends (thank you James & Michelle) offered us their tickets we were pretty darn excited!

We were hesitant at first and started listing reasons we should probably not go:
  • Game starts at 8:15pm and Holland's bed time is 8:00pm
  • It's supposed to be really cold!
  • Parking might be a joke
  • Traffic after the game might be crazy
  • Will Holland be warm enough? (read: Will Brigitte be warm enough?)
Little did we know, the real reason to not go to the game would be: George Q. Cannon

Holland does not handle noise very well...or, really, at all. So, pretty much as soon as we got to our seats BYU scored, the crowd started clapping, yelling and singing, and then...the cannon went off! And that was the beginning of Holland and I watching the game from under the south end zone. She literally had a melt-down and cried until half-time when we left.

Two BYU students walked by and asked me if I would "please take this extra hot chocolate" off their hands. Uh...I think they actually bought it for me because they felt so bad for me. (Realistically, we could have left earlier than halftime, but come on - it's your first BYU game. Suck it up and enjoy it!)

Anyway, the hot chocolate episode kind of made me laugh, but at the same time I was really grateful. It also reminded me how much I love BYU and the students there (well, most of them). I mean, seriously, for the most part, as cheesy as they can be, BYU co-eds are really good people!

Don't worry though, I am not deterred from making sure this little Cougarette always bleeds blue!
 Seriously though...doesn't she look thrilled???

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Andi said...

What you did might be considered child abuse by any U of U fan... :) (half of my family). But I consider it the only way to raise a child! Good for you!