Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Day...Week

This is the first year that Tyler finally got on board with the true magic of his birthday!

I like love to celebrate my birthday A, it lasts at least a week. Well, not once, not twice, but I think three times I heard Tyler say, "Well, since it's still my birthday week..." I didn't even care that that meant he wasn't going to do something that I had asked him to do, because it totally means I've finally convinced him of the pure joy that is a BIRTHDAY!!

Tyler says that having a birthday close to (and often-times on) Thanksgiving means that he kind of gets forgotten or bypassed due to other celebrations going on. So, I take that as a challenge to make sure he has a great birthday every year!!

This year the birthday boy's big day fell the day AFTER Thanksgiving. That morning I ran to Kneaders and grabbed some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and brought them back for a breakfast-in-bed feast. We kind of lounged around in the morning and then did some birthday shopping (with a gift card from Mother Lucy and Father Charles) that afternoon. For dinner I had ordered some Empanadas (Tyler devoured some recently at a mission farewell luncheon), which I had ordered weeks ahead to be picked up just in time for a quiet dinner at home.
Saturday, the celebration continued with Tyler's family. We went to dinner at IHOP and then back to our house for ice-cream cake (which I made!) and games. We have such a fun time playing the game that Holland gave Tyler for his birthday, Bananagrams. If you haven't played it, you really should! (Christmas Idea!)
Scarf knitted by 10-year-old Abby especially for Uncle Tyler. She's so talented!

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