Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Snow,

When it's May and I'm anticipating a long, warm Memorial Day Weekend, I really want you to just go away! I would say that you shouldn't take it personally, should take this personally. I want you and all of your flaky friends to take a hike. Go. Away. Now. Please! Don't cry about it either, 'cause I don't want your weepy friend rain to stick around here either. Take slush, hail, bluster, ice, blizzard, lake effect, sleet, freezing, chilly and frost with you too! I want the soggy days to be gone and the sun to come out and play.

Don't worry, I'll want you back again for such occasions as, um...Christmas and maybe one or two days after that.

But for now...and for months to long, farewell, bon voyage, buh-bye!



( Looking out my office window at 10 a.m. today)


Andi said...

Dear Brigitte,

You need to move to the desert. Until then,... I'll be sending my love.


Speedys said...

I love the way you put that, and I totally agree with you!