Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Princess Train

I found out in April that The Heber Valley Railroad (aka Heber Creeper) was doing a Princess Train. It was right around Holland's birthday so I thought it would be fun to invite several of her friends and their mom's to join us. Sadly, it was already sole out. However, they had another one scheduled....but not until July 14. It was a LONG wait for a little girl, but it made it so exciting when the day finally arrived!

Holland started out in her Anna (non-coronation) dress, but then she Anna was wearing her coronation dress so we ran to the bathroom to change. We had brought an extra dress for Siena, but ended up using it ourselves for several wardrobe changes. It was so fun to watch Holland's excitement.

Sarah Grace Barber and Holland

Holland and Grace Oldham

All of the princesses: Bostyn, Sarah Grace, Grace, Aria, Siena, Holland, Caroline, Hannah and Eliza

Elsa looks haggard here, but she really did look better in person.

Each little princess was given a cupcake and pink lemonade while riding the train. On top of the cupcake was a little ballet slipper ring. The girls loved it!

Holland loved buying candy (Starbursts) from the train's concessions car - she even shared a piece with each of her friends.

When Elsa, Anna and Cinderella first got onto our train car the girls were mesmerized. It was the best thing to witness!!! Holland's face lit up and she had a perma-grin the rest of the time. It was a moment where I thought, "Ya...this is totally worth it!"

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