Friday, June 19, 2015

The Ice Princess - Holland's 1st Dance Recital

Holland was in her first-ever dance recital last night and she loved it! She dances at the Utah Dance Arts Center and their performance was held at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah Campus. This dance studio only does one recital a year, and after watching this one I know why. It was honestly the best recital I had ever been to! It was a full-on, legitimate production.

Holland and her class, taught by Shauna Williams, were reindeer. The entire production, although titled "The Ice Princess", was based on the movie "Frozen." Holland's number was to the song, Reindeers Are Better Than People. They came out holding a rope led by Sven and then Kristoff was on stage with them as well. It was adorable...and typical of a dance number by 3- and 4-year old's. Some kids all bunched at one end of the rope. Some kids spinning when they should be jumping. Some kids not exiting the stage when they were supposed to. ADORABLE!

We were not allowed to video or photograph during the recital, as we had to pay for a professional DVD of the recital (which we don't get until September!), so I'll attach a small clip from the dress-rehearsal. I tried to take a better one, but apparently I was hitting record when I wanted to pause and pause when I wanted to record. Ugh

During the production, the dancers were all kept in rooms backstage. Holland said it was fun, the snacks were really good, and that there was some creepy stick that kept making them laugh. What? I have no idea! Taggart actually sat through the majority of the two-hours. I was impressed! My parents, Cheryl and Ashley also came to support Holland. We didn't get any pics with Cheryl and Ashley because they arrived just as it was starting and had to leave immediately after. But we are so happy that they came!

When I picked up Holland from the waiting area and brought her over to the grass where everyone else was waiting, Taggart ran up to Holland at full speed, practically tackled her and then said, "Here ya go, Holland." and then gave her this bouquet of purple flowers we had brought for her. He was so excited to give them to her, and Holland was so excited to get them. They hugged and I loved it! Wish I could have captured the exact moment that it happened...but this picture below is what I captured right after the exchange.


Holland with her post-dance 'Purple Sprinkle Cookie she requested.

In the waiting area.
Aria and Siena Glover ~ Bostyn Baxter ~ Holland Pace

Getting ready. The first time I put makeup on her for the group photo, she looked in the mirror and exclaimed, "I LOVE ME! I want to look like this forever, Momma!"

Me and Sheri

Besties with our tiny dancers.

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