Monday, December 1, 2014

Tagg is Two

Dear Tagg,

Two - Two - Two! I cannot believe you are TWO!!! You are for sure my favorite two-year old boy in the entire world. I love how you snuggle with me, call me Momma, tease your sister and believe that everything is "mine" lately. You really can be a stinker and throw the biggest fits we've ever seen. You've by far surpassed Holland's two-year-old version of the "throw-yourself-on-the-ground-and scream" talent. It's infuriating and hysterical. But at the same time, all you have to do is smile that toothy grin of yours and I'm a puddle, unable to do anything but scoop you up and kiss you all over.

Your giggle is low and scratchy sounding, which I adore. Your little voice is so cute as you talk, talk, talk all day long. Your favorite words are "mine", "Thomas", "Lightening", "No", "Yes", "puppy", "train", "truck", "vacuum", "Daddy", "Nahnee", "juice", "treat", "cereal", "milk", "show", and "How 'bout..." You make Holland (aka Nahnee) laugh, scream, cry and hug & kiss you several times every day. You two are definitely lovers and haters. In fact, in the morning when you two sit on the couch to watch a "show" you freak if she is touching your blanket one second and the next you are both snuggled together and laughing. Speaking of shows, your favorites to watch are Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars (Lightening McQueen) and Chuggington.

You are an average eater and pretty willing to try most things. Meat is still not a favorite, but at least you've tried chicken and ground beef. You love yogurt, graham crackers, grapes, apples, apple sauce, Goldfish crackers, marshmallows and cereal.

You aren't big on brushing your teeth, but you are getting better - thanks to "Thomas" toothpaste. You and Holland for sure share a love of the tub and shower. And, you would probably stay in either for hours if we would let you.We have to limit your baths though because you are huge stinker who loves to jump up and splash down on your bottom making a huge wave of water. You also think it is super funny to get out and run around the house and then jump back in. W a t e r  e v e r y w h e r e!!!

It is cute to watch you play. You get all the way on the ground to push a car, truck or train along the floor. You definitely prefer to be outside and right by Daddy's side, mowing the lawn, watching him work on bikes, or just playing. We took you to wAIRhouse (a trampoline park) for yours and Daddy's birthday and I'm pretty sure you would like to live there. You've now been talking about the "tramp'leen park" for a week. I tried to convince Daddy that we should get a tramp, but he's not on board with that idea. We'll definitely be taking you back to "jump" soon! Your all-time FAVORITE "toy" lately is the vacuum. You are borderline obsessed! You push it around, want it turned on, ask where it is, and you've even hugged it good-night a time or two. We laugh pretty hard.

You love to be read to and you love to finish the sentences as we read to you. Your favorite books are Little Blue Truck, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, What do you love?, any Thomas the Tank Engine book, and Digger, Dozer, Dumper. You like to have your blanket over you and a cup of milk in hand. You are a really great sleeper most days and snuggle up with your puppy before you fall asleep. It's adorable!

You are not in love with nursery at church, but you are willing to go most Sundays. I'm not sure what is going to happen come January when Holland goes to Primary because I'm sure it's a comfort for you to have your big sister in there with you. I'm sure you'll figure it out though and love it.

Your personality is beyond little - it's BOOMING and BLOOMING and I'm pretty sure, little man, you are going to do great things in this world. Your sparkly eyes and sweet smile are definitely going to break a heart or two, but your tenderness and amazingly funny nature is going to make you a million friends everywhere you go.

Stay little just a bit longer and keep snuggling with me, please!

I love you!


Two Year Stats
Weight: 24 lb. 3 oz. (20th %)
Height:  34.8 inches (50th %)

Watching you grow this past year, in pictures...

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