Thursday, July 17, 2014

Taylor Reunion 2014

Even though I'm not a fan of camping (and it's ALWAYS camping) I love the Taylor Reunion. It's fun to reconnect and relax with those I love. Plus, there are always those Taylor activities that you never want to miss: The Auction, Uncle Adrian's Store, and the Candy Canon!

This past week, Wednesday through Saturday was spent up Hobble Creek Canyon, but we slept at my parents' house and would head up the canyon each morning. Tagg napped great in my parents' motor home and Holland enjoyed a three day break from napping (Argh!)

My mom's oldest brother's family was in charge this year, and they did a great job. Mainly is was my cousin Grant and his family that did the major work. The theme was "Honoring Those Who Serve." Each family was given a branch of the military. We got the Navy, since my dad was a Navy Seabee. He even has the tattoo to prove it, but Shhhh, don't tell him I told you.

These anchor t-shirts were a last-minute idea of mine. I grabbed a few grey t-shirts and painted the anchor on with fabric paint. I think they turned out pretty cute!

The kids were seriously in heaven playing outside. All. Day. Long! Riding bikes, swinging, and getting as wet and dirty as possible.

Jaxon ~ Holland ~ Zackary

Uncle Shane made getting wet even more fun!

Shane took Holland down to the river for the Rubber Duckie Race. He said that as soon as they got there Holland declared, "I want to do that!" Meaning, she wanted to get in the river. And so she did. And she loved it!!

Side Note: Tyler won the Rubber Duckie Race, even though he wasn't there. And, Holland's duck got stuck in the weeds upstream and never crossed the finish line. Life was not OK until that darn duck was found.

This is how Holland and Tagg did the "Forced March" one morning...

My mom is the cutest!
And now for just a few other random shots...of the people I call my FAMILY. Love them. Kind of stinks that I didn't get a picture of everyone that was there...hey...Uncle Adrian...I need that picture of our entire family!!!

Holland loved the water fight...until she herself got squirted. It's all fun getting others wet, right? But when they do the same to you...TEARS! She was also excited about the Candy Cannon, but as you can see, the launch of the candy each time was spent with her fingers in her ears. She is VERY sensitive to noise...sheesh!

We really had a great time...and are already excited for Taylor Reunion 2016!

Girl cousins and the best friends to have!

Me and my Magpie

My dad on the bike Maggie won the highest bid for at the Kids Auction.
Cookies for dinner? Yep!
She loves him!

This was taken after Tyler went for a bike ride up the canyon. He took a wrong turn...and didn't get back until an hour and a half after he said I should expect him!
Uncle Adrian ~ My mom ~ Aunt Florence ~ Uncle Myron (Aun Beth wasn't able to make it)
See! She really, really loves him!
Christopher ~ Tagg

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