Sunday, February 9, 2014


Lately I find myself looking at Holland and thinking, "Man, she is so stinkin' cute!" And then I look at the little man who is constantly at her side and think, "What the heck? He is flipping adorable!" So ya, I'm pretty much the luckiest person in the whole, entire world.

I mean, get this. I have a little girl who makes me laugh, even when she's naughty; keeps me on my toes with her incredible desire to learn and carry on conversations; and can bring me to tears with just a simple kiss on the cheek. And on top of that, I have this miniature man strutting around my house like nobody's business, making me smile all while body-slamming Holland (out of love, I think.) He can flirt with the best of them, can snuggle up to my chest as though he's filling a hole that only he can fill, and can shake his little booty on the dance floor at the drop of a hat.

These two littles are my heart and soul. The butter on my bread. The peanut butter to my chocolate. The cheese on my crackers. You get it - they make my world go round. And who am I so blessed to have as my partner in crime in bringing these little people into this world? Ya, main squeeze, my lover, my best friend, my comic relief, my eternal companion. I'm just so blessed!!! Ya, ya, I know it's not yet Valentine's Day, but it's just a few days away, so it's totally OK that I just put all that mushy stuff in here about Tyler, right?

To say that I love my life is pretty much an understatement!

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