Monday, January 13, 2014

Personalities and Opinions

Two things happened today that reminded me that children definitely have their own personalities and opinions. I'm so lucky to spend my days and nights with these amazing and funny little people!


This morning it was just me and Tagg hanging out while Holland was playing at Carson's house and Tyler was running errands. When he woke up from his nap we played outside for a while. After we came inside, Tagg was not happy about it. Still, I took off his jacket and hung it up and tried to distract him with some toys. He wasn't having it. He came up to me and was hanging on my leg trying to get my attention. I finally figured out that he wanted something down the hallway. I followed him. He stopped at the coat closet and started banging on the door. I opened it. His coat was hanging on a hook and he grabbed for it. I was cracking up at this point! I put it on him and he walked off all proud. He went straight to the front door and started banging on it. I opened the door and he crawled down the step, turned around and smiled at me with the BIGGEST smile. He was so happy to be outside!! I guess after being sick for about two weeks he just really needed some sunshine and fresh air. I closed the door and went inside and watched him from the front window. He seriously was so happy. I tried to bring him inside a few times but he would just freak. So I sat in the window seat and let him hang out on the front porch for about 15 minutes. His nose was red and snotty, but he was happy. And really, that is all that matters!


Tonight was one of those nights where I prepare a plate of food for Holland with tiny portions of the exact same thing that Tyler and I are having for dinner. She was all cute about naming what each item on her plate was - turkey, green beans, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce...and a slice of bread. Tyler and I both pretty much begged her to eat. She went to time out once for not sitting on her bottom and for messing around and not eating. She came crawling (literally) back to the table and Tyler and I couldn't help but laugh. She finally said she would eat if I would sit next to her. I told her that she just needed to try a little bite of each thing on her plate. She messed around and stalled. I said, "Just eat three beans and you can get down." She grabbed a bean and put it up to her lips and then said, "Mmmm." and then she put it down. Bug! I finally said, "What looks good on the plate that you want to try?" After thinking for a while, she finally grabbed the slice of bread and said, "I'll tell you what, momma. I better just eat this bread 'cause the beans are dangerous." I could not stiffle my laughter. Dangerous? Where does she get this stuff? Seriously, this girl cracks me up every single day!!!

I am so in love with these kids. I cannot get enough of them....even when they won't eat and have snot covering their little mugs!

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