Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tummy Time and a Play Date

We need to seriously focus on making sure Taggart gets some tummy time more everyday! I am a freak about the thought of my kids having flat heads. Ugh! I would be so bugged. So, Tyler put Tagg on his tummy today and he was not all. But then, he just relaxed, stuck his fingers in his mouth and all was good in his world. Now, I wonder if he'll be this content next time...


And, seriously, I'm a little nervous that he's going to be a finger-sucker. Oh no!

Kristen Matsalla invited Holland over this morning for a play date with Carson. She and I decided that we need to start giving the kids the opportunity to play at each others houses...without mom and/or dad there. You know, to get used to being separated and reunited - a healthy process to go through. I was a little nervous that she wouldn't want me to leave once we got there and/or she would freak a few minutes later and I would need to come back and pick her up.

So, to resolve issue number one, I had Tyler drop her off. She's already used to him dropping her at nursery every Sunday, so I figured this would at least be familiar to her. Plus, lately, she has a serious case of the I-Only-Want-Mommy syndrome.

We've known about the play date for a few days, so we've been talking about it a lot. This morning she was over-the-top excited to "go Carson's." I took this picture of her right before she headed out the door and then text (texted?) it to Kristen.

She responded with this picture saying that Carson is waiting by the window for Holland to arrive.

And then a while later, Kristen sent this picture and said that they were playing really well together.

When Tyler picked up Holland a couple hours later, he said they were in the back yard playing on the jungle-gym and having so much fun!! So happy that Holland has such a cute little boyfriend to play with.

In fact, lately, Carson and Kristen are pretty much part of the family. When we ask Holland who she loves, she always adds Carson and Kristen into the mix of names. At least Mommy, Daddy, and Taggart get on the list at the beginning. But, it's still a toss up as to where the grandparents fit. I guess they all need to come visit more often...hint, order to secure their positions. Ha!

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