Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

My favorite holiday is for sure The 4th of July! Although, with a baby, the celebrating of this, my fave holiday, has become pretty low key. We didn't hit up the Freedom Parade or the Freedom Race this year. And guess what? I survived! But don't worry Provo, we'll be there next year!

This year we spent the entire day in Salem with family and friends. My mom planned a BBQ and Tina provided the fireworks! It was a fun, relaxing day with good food and great company...and perfect weather! Literally, we were outside all day and I loved it!

The Host and Hostess

 Holland was not a happy camper when we put her in the "baby swing"...
Baby Swing
But look how much she loved the "big girl" swing!!

We ate lots of popcicles...

Some people (TYLER!) ate more than 10 of them!

Holland especially loved the pool, rides in the wagon and jumping on the trampoline!

Even the Glovers came to the festivities!

And then there were FIREWORKS!!!


Our pyro-tech!
We hope everyone had a very happy day celebrating the freedoms we enjoy...and fireworks!

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