Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pearly White

Yes...I do mean a tooth!

Lately Holland LOVES to "talk." She is almost constantly making noise - babbling, laughing, blowing on her tongue, etc. It is so stinking cute! So we like to move our fingers across her lips while she's talking so that she makes funny noises. She thinks it is so great. And we, of course, think it is so funny! So today while doing this new little activity of ours, I stuck my finger in her mouth and felt her bottom gums. A tiny little razor (aka tooth!) completely surprised me.

I've been wondering lately if she is going to start teething soon. She was sick this past Thursday through Sunday and we thought it was a cold; maybe it was and maybe it was a sign of teething - who knows? Plus, she drools a lot and loves to chew on things. People keep commenting that she's probably teething. Huh? Really? She seems too young.

This led me to ask my mom when it was that I got my first tooth. About a year old! I then asked my sister when it was that her kids got their first teeth. Not until after they were one! Then I looked up Tyler's info in his completely detailed baby book. Four months! Seriously?

So here we are at T minus 2 days until her 6 month mark and this darn little tooth reared it's ugly head. I'll let you know once it is fully in if it is precious or not. I wonder how soon I'll be doing a post titled "Bottles Only!"
SICK BABY: Congested, runny nose, sneezing (more than normal) and itchy, watery eyes.
Thu., Oct. 20 - Sun., Oct. 23.

HAPPY BABY: One tooth finally broke through! Bottom front. 
Playing with her new favorite toy. Yep - a bag of cereal.
Wed. Oct. 26


Jen said...

K has gotten 12 teeth in 6 months. Sigh. Baby ibuprofin and frozen peas are lifesavers. Congrats and good luck!

Lisa said...

cute little Holland, so sad when your baby is not feeling well and your not quite sure whats going on! You better not say "bite me" to her, she just might!:)