Sunday, October 16, 2011

Conference Weekend

I love General Conference! It is always so refreshing and relaxing. I love spending time with the ones I love as I listen to inspiring talks and uplifting music. I love to copiously take notes as I feel inspiration flood my heart and mind. And, I love that I can do all of this in my PJs. L-O-V-E! To hear what I heard...and here.

This past General Conference was my first as a mother and, was definitely more difficult to sit and listen, but the bits and pieces that I did hear were inspired and the Spirit touched me. I know that I heard words that were meant for me to hear.

One thing that did not change:
The weekend was still spent in my PJs with the ones I love...
Tyler and Holland watching General Conference
P.S. During Priesthood Session, Holland and I went to hang out with Sheri and the twins. And...drum roll please...Holland took a bottle while we were there. Seriously, no complaints. She just downed it. Happy? Oh ya!!!

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