Friday, March 4, 2016

Quinnten's Birth Story - Sheri's Version

Friday, February 19

8:00pm Text from Brigitte:  Pretty sure I just lost my mucus plug and I thought my water broke but maybe just leaking.  Also having increased back pain.  Doesn’t mean I’m going into labor tonight.

Me: Go take a bath and pack your bags.

Brigitte:  We put the car seat in the car today, but his coming home outfit doesn’t arrive until Monday.

Me:  I’ll go buy him another outfit tomorrow.

9:00pm Brigitte: Just getting into the tub.

9:45pm Call from Brigitte:  My contractions are not consistent at all.  I had two 13 minutes apart and then nothing. ‘Oh wait…..I’m having one right now.’  Anyway, it’s nothing, I’m going to go to bed.

Me:  Brigitte, do not take an Ambien tonight.

Brigitte:  But I just really want to sleep tonight.

Me:  You don’t want to be on Ambien and having contractions all night.

Brigitte:  I get up like 7 times a night to pee so I’ll be fine.

Me: Do not take Ambien!

Brigitte:  OK

Me:  You’re going to take an Ambien, aren’t you?

Brigitte: I don’t know.

Me:  Call me if you go into labor and need me to come over.

Brigitte:  Oh yeah that’s a good idea, do you care?

Me:  Of course not.

Saturday, February 20

1:15 a.m. my phone rings (I know immediately what is happening)

Brigitte:  Can you come over

Me: (in a total daze) Oh, are you going to the library? (I knew this was wrong, but I couldn’t think of the right word

Brigitte:  Yes I have some books to return…haha (we have a good laugh, Brigitte’s joking and feeling OK)

Brigitte:  My contractions are 8 minutes apart

Me: (OK so I should hurry, but not an emergency at this point in my mind)

1:35am Arrive at Brigitte’s, I walk in the door.

Tyler: She took an Ambien and she’s kind of out of it.

Brigitte: OK let’s go, wait I have to Pee. (goes to the bathroom)

Brigitte:  OK let’s go, wait I have to sit down, ahhh, ok I can walk now.  Bye, maybe this is a false alarm and I’ll see you in a little bit. (total denial)

1:44am They’ve been gone for 3 or 4 minutes.  My phone rings.

Brigitte:  alkdjgflkjadkfkdakjl,

Me:  What?  I can’t understand you

Brigitte: ajdklfjkadj;fkljdklfda;lkfj

Me:  You’re going to have to talk louder, I can't hear a thing you’re saying

Brigitte: I forgot something, unlock the door we’re coming back

1:48am Tyler races in, unlocks the garage, grabs Brigitte’s purse and runs back out
I get into bed, wide awake now I start scrolling through Facebook.  (Not a lot of people post things in the middle of the night FYI.)

2:24am Text from Tyler (I think he’s going to say, we’re here, they’re hooking her up to everything.)  Instead it’s one word: ‘Delivered’

Tyler gets home at 5am and goes to bed.

Tagg in the morning: Sheri, my baby is very hungry.

Me:  What does your baby want to eat?

Tagg:  Ummm, Frootloops!!

Holland:  Now I’m going to be the biggest big sister.  He’ll be here for both of my birthdays; when I turn 5 and when I turn 5 ½.

Tagg:  Yeah and I’m going to be a big brother too.

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