Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater

For our Eppley Family Christmas Party we had dinner, games and....and an Ugly Sweater Contest. It was seriously so much fun! I tried finding sweaters at DI. No luck. I happened to find two sweaters of Tyler's that went out of style years ago - for real. I think he said he had them in high school. They are both size large. What the heck? No way would he have fit these when he weighed like 120 lbs. I'm going to have to search his old pictures to see if there is proof that he wore these.

Tyler won the category of  "Ugliest". He was a good sport to wear the design I came up with - Christmas Dog pooping down the front of him. Yep, I'm just that creative.


The Hostesses with the Mostest
"Best Sport" award should really go to my dad because I know that this was totally and completely out of his element. Or, maybe the award should be titled "Best Husband Award" for going along with my mom's idea when I'm sure he really didn't want to. I love that my mom mixed up our family party to add this fun activity - LOVE HER!

Lisa, Todd, Nathan, and Christopher
Christopher's little gingerbread man was actually a dancing Christmas decoration. It was so funny! Wish I would have gotten video of it.

And now, for a category that wasn't an actual category at the party, but is totally a category in real life. The winners of the CUTEST KIDS EVER AWARD:

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