Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Is The Place

We have a few season passes to keep us out and about and entertained...instead of sitting at home watching TV.

Although, truth be told, we still watch our fair share of TV. But, let's keep that on the DL, you know, the down-low. Shhh...don't tell anyone. I like people to think I'm so amazing that there are never ever days where we lay around just vegging, chilling together and not showering or so much as getting dressed. Oh, oops, sorry...back to what I was saying. Just remember: as far as you know, we never sit around in our PJs watching TV. Right? Thanks!

Anyway, we haven't gone to TISP too much, even though Holland begs almost daily to go ride "the train." Well, today I decided that a morning trip to "the trains" would be our activity. It was somewhat deserted, which is a good thing, and the weather wasn't crazy hot. PERFECT!



Holland: Momma, take my picture with the beautiful kids.
Me: Uh, with the statue of Brigham Young?
Holland: Yes! And, the beautiful kids. I like them, momma.
(I'm convinced she saw some angels - so precious!) 

First time blowing a dandelion.

How can life possibly get any better than this?

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