Sunday, February 17, 2013

So Blessed

Today Taggart was blessed.

But, really, we are the ones who are blessed.

Taggart is such a mellow and happy baby. He smiles non-stop and has started laughing - which makes us laugh! His eyes sparkle more and more as his smile gets bigger and bigger. And when that happens, our hearts seem to swell in comparison. Who would have thought we could love a little boy so much?

Thanks for being part of our family, Taggart. We love you. We are so blessed!

Taggart's blessing gown was also Tyler's blessing gown. Made by Grandma Maggie.

Those who participated in the blessing: Grandpa Eppley, Uncle Todd, Uncle Shane, Cousin Geoffrey, Uncle Josh, Daddy (Tyler), Uncle Brandon, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Curtis

Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Chuck
Grandma Maggie

Me and my babies! Oh how I love them...even if Tagg has a poop-face going on.


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