Monday, January 28, 2013

Thanks to Sydnie Jean and Kira

Thanks to My niece, Sydnie Jean, and her roommate, Kira, we had a great weekend!

Saturday the girls helped me start a revamp of our master bedroom(see a sneak peak of some of the bedding below) and helped me narrow down my curtain options for the living room. And that night they stayed home with Holland so Tyler and I could go to dinner with several couples from our neighborhood. Tagg tagged along and was pretty well-behaved. It was so nice to be among adults...and not worried at all about Holland because we knew she was being well taken care of.

Sunday I went to Church!! Hallelujah. The girls were so nice to stay home with Tagg so I could go. It felt great. We'll probably start taking Taggart next month, but so many people have been sick that we've just been keeping him home away from all the sickies. The flu is hitting everyone it seems. Yikes!

Holland loved having Sydnie and Kira here for the weekend! She got a lot of attention and kept everyone laughing with her new obsession with "I need..." Fill in the blank with whatever it is she wants at the moment. And if ever she receives a "no," she is seriously quick to change to a sweet wide-eyed inquisitive expression and say "How 'bout..." Its hysterical! She is quite the negotiator! Personally, I cannot get enough of her ever-increasing vocabulary and cute, little face!!

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