Monday, July 12, 2010

Memorial Day is for... work? I know, I know. But that is what we did! We were only in town for the weekend and Tyler's (er...I mean OUR) yard was a bit overgrown. Spring is for cleaning, right?


(Papa Pace and Spencer helped out...thank you!)


(At least the tenants smoke OUTSIDE! One guy even showed us how he rolls his own cigarettes. Oh goodie...)


Sheri said...

Fun...good job on getting it all cleaned up, it looks good and a cute house. Just working in the yard because you like to.

Andi said...

It looks so nice and green... too bad you didn't have your own BBQ on the patio. Are you living in your place?

And I was reading your other post and comments and will vouch for my friend Rena that she isn't some crazy stalker. I give her a hard time about her "roots" (only because she tells me I don't act like I'm from Utah), and love that she posted about your sidetrip.

Hope all is well with you!

Speedys said...

Is that house in Idaho? You guys did alot of work and it looks great! So glad you know how to roll a cigarette, so if you ever loose your job you can fall back on being a cigarette roller.:)

Speedys said...

The yard looks great! Is this house in Idaho? Wow, you now how to roll cigarettes, what a talent!