Sunday, April 18, 2010

Utah Symphony

Last Saturday we got to hear "Verdi's Requiem" at the Symphony with Grandma Pace. We were so excited that Grandma had invited us to go with her. The peformance was incredible and we loved every second of it!

Then, last night, Grandma called and invited us to join her again. This time for "Pictures at an Exhibition." Here's Tyler and Grandma before last night's performance began.

The first half was modern music. And, well, this is what I saw midway through the first piece, composed in the 40's by Bejamin Britten; "Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes."
The second piece was edgy and just strange to me. The composer, Steve Mackey, a composer-in-residence, came on stage and explained each movement to us. The principle violinist was phenomenal. But, this was not my favorite of the night. Intermission was a welcome conclusion to the first half.

Just as intermission was approaching, Tyler shifted in his seat and crossed his legs. I happened to look down and this is what I saw! My mouth fell open and I couldn't stop laughing! Are you kidding me? You did NOT just wear these to the Symphony! Oh Tyler, you do keep me entertained. I love you. All of you. Even when you wear your biking socks with the white-trash of white-trash emblems on them to the Symphony!

After intermission the symphony performed the title piece "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Modest Mussorosky. It was amazing! This piece is made up of 10 movements. It is as though you are strolling through an art gallery with each movement describing a different painting. Loved it!

Thank you so much Grandma! We had a great time...


Speedys said...

I love the socks, that is so Tyler. Did they really fall asleep? So nice of grandma to take you guys with her. I remember taking Geoff when he was just a little guy, maybe thats why he loves music so much.

Mishel said...

Love that you went to the Symphony. Love, love that you went with Grandma. Love, love, love Tylers' socks.

Brigitte Eppley Pace said...

Yes - they were both asleep! And you are right...that is soooo Tyler!!!